10 reasons why we love the Umbraco community

By Sam Bailey

Image: Percipient Studios

Image: Percipient Studios

The Umbraco UK Festival is nothing without its community of loyal attendees. 

The best part of our yearly gathering is having the opportunity to catch up with you during a hacking session, pizza break or pint at the pub to talk over the latest Umbraco news. 

There’s always a sense of friendliness online and in real life that mirrors Umbraco’s claim as ‘the world’s friendliest CMS.’

During the 2016 festival, the outpouring of ‘high fives’ we received was yet another nod to this amazing community spirit. So, we’ve decided it's our turn to share the love back. Here’s ten of the reasons we love you all (as inspired by the day). 

1. You're an honest bunch

Inspiring snippets overheard at the festival...

"This is a safe space right? I have a confession...I like flow charts!" - Barry Briggs. 

"It's a bloody website, it doesn't have to be NASA level, just get it out and working." - Pete Duncanson

"The Get Shit Done book embodies our values and rings true to how we approach Umbraco as a business." - Kris Deminick

"We are not a bunch of d***heads, spend time on stuff that makes a difference to the editors and is not 'just cool.'" - Niels Hartvig.

2. You know that everything can be understood more easily with a meme

3. You don't let a festival get in the way of fitness (or fussball)

4. You're fans of the fox

5. You don't want to miss out, even if it means sitting on the floor

6. You won't let a challenge get in the way of a good badge

7. You know good food when you see it

8. You've got those Umbraco jokes down pat

9. You know that beer = bonding time

10. AND you're dedicated to the Cog cause!

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