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Umbraco Gold Partner - What it means to us

It was the end of November 2010, and the days were cold and dark, work was piling up and we were about to be buried under one of the worst snow storms for years.

Well what could bring us out of this gloom and despair...

Well, A nice shiny email from the founder of Umbraco, Niels Hartvig...all glistening in the cold morning gloom...and what, you may ask, was the email about?

The title certainly woke us up...'Partner News: Introducing the Gold Partner Program'.&; It got us interested :)

Umbraco Gold Partner I here you say, what's that all about then?
Well admittedly, it sounds a bit 'blingy' (if you're not from the UK, then this may not mean anything, so think Cristal Champagne, 50 Cent, BA Baracus and Goldfinger rolled into one)

This isn't to say that everyone at the CogWorks has started wearing open shirts and Gold medallions.&; Far from it.&; We are all very reserved I think you'll agree :)

But it does mean we can now offer a range of features, services and support to anyone and everyone who would like to use Umbraco as their chosen CMS, and lets face it, why wouldn't you?

The Gold Partner program includes access to the Umbraco Complete package including Courier, Concierge and Contour and a guaranteed 24 hour response time allowing us to escalate issues to the core team.

However not only can we offer these excellent features, but we are now, with our licence fee, helping to make Umbraco better for everybody who uses it.

The fee goes directly to paying for development and bug fixing of the software itself, so whilst we are always looking to improve Umbraco with our own code submits to the source, we are now directly supporting development of the software itself.

So not only do we now create and host the Umbraco UK Festival, the regular monthly Umbraco London Meetup, organised and hosted the Umbraco 5th Birthday celebrations and created the new Umbraco installer process, we now are directly funding development of the product.

Not a bad demonstration of our commitment to Umbraco and our aim to become the number 1 provider of Umbraco design, development, integration and other related services in the UK and beyond.

So as you can see...even the darkest, coldest days have a nice goldy shimmery light at the end of the tunnel :)